Aminata is a fourteen-year-old girl living in the small village of Kolimba in rural Mali. Kolimba is the location of one of Mali Rising's newest schools, which just opened in October 2015.

Aminata says, "I am very happy to see the building [of] new classrooms for us because they allow us to continue to study even in case of rain. When rain fell, our teachers are forced to interrupt classes to let us to go home. Because it is very dangerous to stay in the older classes [because] they can fall in rain."

Aminata is a good student, but admits she cannot draw at all. Outside of class, she reports loving to help with trade but expresses a deep dislike of hairstyling.

When Aminata grows up, she would like to be a teacher. Teachers are in desperately short supply in Mali, particularly female teachers. Because of our donors' generosity, Aminata will have a safe, dry place to study through the rains, allowing her to chase the dream of becoming a teacher and helping other Malian children.