Nassaran is in the 7th grade at the Mali Rising Entrepreneurs' Organization Academy where she loves studying French. She is 12 years old and lives in the village of Dovong. Nassaran has a vision for her village.

In the mornings, Nassaran greets her parents and then heads off to school. Since the Mali Rising school was built so close to her house, it only takes her a minute to travel between the two places. Still, Nassaran imagines how her village can be improved, and dreams that she can be the one to change it for the better.

Even at such a young age, Nassaran expresses a deep desire to care for her village and those within her community. The local celebrations in Dovong are her favorite activity, and she enjoys spending time with all of her friends in the village.

Nassaran says, "If I could change the world, I would put the tar on the road in my village." Improving the quality of the road in the rural village can open access to more trade and travel. Dreams like Nassaran's can connect the whole country, in both a literal and symbolic sense.

Her education has inspired her to think of others as she looks towards the future. She plans on using her education to improve communities across Mali, including her own. Nassaran says, "After my studies, I would like to work in an office for the development of my village."

Education empowers change. When one students succeeds, so does an entire village! Students like Nassaran can create stronger communities, and build a brighter future for the country of Mali.