This is Fatoumata Samake. Fatoumata is fifteen years old and will be a student in fall 2015 at Mali Rising's newest school in Kolimba. She will enter as an 8th grader and is very excited about her new school.

Fatoumata says: "I am particularly pleased to see the construction of new classrooms for us. I did not have the opportunity to go to school every day for distance reasons. There was not enough place(s) for all students of the village so I went away from our hamlet to study. With the construction of these classrooms, I will find a place at the village school. I will not walk over long distance to go to study or sometimes miss classes."

Fatoumata likes math, but reports she is only "mediocre" at English. Her dream is to become a teacher.

With the construction of the new Mali Rising school in Kolimba, Fatoumata's dream lives on. She says, "I thank the donor for this great work."