U.S. students

What's In a Name? School-to-School Connections!

This summer, we finalized fundraising for Mali Rising school #23 in the little village of Sankama. This was truly a group effort, with donations from high school studentswalkers, the Trujillo family, our Builders Society, support from the Pete and Arline Harman Trust, and many others. Now a school is nearly complete in Sankama, and we’re happy to announce the winner of naming rights for the school!

Essay Contest Winners Announced!

Today Mali Rising Foundation announced the three top winners in our national Make the Case for Caring Essay Contest.  This year's essay topic was:  Why should an average person in the United States invest in educating children in a far-off country like Mali...what is in it for us? The top three winners are....

Classroom Connections: Applications Due June 15

Calling all teachers, scout leaders, youth group directors, and the ilk! Mali Rising is accepting applications until June 15 to join your young people with ours in Mali. Classroom Connections is a fun way for young people in the United States to learn more about Mali and connect with peers in Mali through hands-on projects.

Calling All Teachers: Classroom Connections

This school year Mali Rising has piloted a new project -- Classroom Connections -- and now we're ready to take it live to teachers and students around the country. We hope you'll join us! Classroom Connections is designed to educate students in the U.S. about students and culture in Mali and provide meaningful service projects for U.S. students to build relationships with their peers in Mali.